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The Forgotten Heroes

The Forgotten Heroes is a charitable trust dedicated to providing advice and support to injured military veterans, their carers and their families.

To find out more about them, please click on the banner below, and see the quotation below for a testimonial of the work we have done for them.

“I have known Charley Downey now for approximately two years of which she has worked on behalf of my charity for about a year now. Charley took up the challenge of taking on a position that had virtually no presence in the public online domain, to grow and nurture new and existing relationships with many new individual and commercial clients.

Through very hard work, Charley has helped develop our client database from almost nothing to a rapidly expanding client database, achieving regular income, with new relationships being established almost on a daily basis. I fully recommend to any potential client, that Charley Downey will be a valued and productive asset to any client wishing to expand their products and services.”

Adam Douglas
Chairman and Founder
The Forgotten Heroes

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